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If you decide to sell your home or property to us your guaranteed a professional, fair and honest experience.

At Propertybrix, we’re proud of the personal service we provide and the relationship we have with our clients. We care about your personal situation. Our aim is to be as fair and transparent as possible. We want all of our customers to walk away with a happy experience and a quick solution.


After each house purchase, we request each customer review our service and staff, we certainly want to make sure that everyone who deals with us is happy. That is why we will aim to pay as high and fair a price as possible, whilst making sure that it is a commercially viable transaction for us. We will always be open & transparent from the outset.

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Katie Greenwood
20 May 2021
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Excellent service, really helpful, saved me getting stressed out - Thanks a lot David
John Smith
2 Days ago
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Friendly people, thanks guys for the help with my mums property
Mark Campbell
3 days ago
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Called them up and got answers and advice very quickly, will use again. cheers
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