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Selling your home can be "challenging, even in the best of times!"...So why choose us?

We believe selling a house the traditional way is far slower and more stressful than it needs to be.

Traditionally, we’ve had to put up with estate agents turning up with strangers at all hours of the day & night and take the risk of probably getting stuck in a ‘chain’, or the sale falling-through and hence no promise of a completion date in sight. Never quite knowing if you’ll get a realistic offer, does that sound familiar? And if that wasn’t bad enough, to top it off, solicitors seem to make everything harder than it needs to be! It’s stressful enough to make you wonder if it’s all worth it? You may want to consider giving us a call.

Why should you have to wait months before you can have the money in your account? You shouldn’t have to accept such uncertainty, especially considering 1 in 4 estate agent property sales fall-through.

Benefits of using Propertybrix.co.uk

Unlike a lot of other companies we are a quick cash property buying company, we have immediate access to our own funds to purchase your home or property directly, with no dependence on lenders, investors, agents or third parties. Because we are the direct buyer ourselves we are able to buy your house instantly, or whenever is most convenient for you.

Our cash offers are thoroughly researched and calculated on an individual basis, using a combination of in-house desktop and RICS -Royal Institute of Chartered Surveys valuations, instead of using a fixed percentage discount or an average discount for a local area. With Propertybrix you will receive a unique cash offer for your home or property that’s accurate, fair and transparent. 

It's Fast

Typically, we find that most home sellers are looking for a quick sale, Propertybrix offers a fast alternative to open market Estate agent type sales & Auctions. However, you can also choose a completion date that suits you too.

We use a specialist team of professional solicitors who are experienced in fast house sales, so you will complete your sale much quicker than using an estate agent, so there are never any unwanted delays.

It's Private & Discreet

By selling your property directly to us you can keep your sale completely private. So no need for a  ‘For Sale’ sign outside your home. 

Therefore, no need for agents and prospective buyers marching through your home day or night on a regular basis. Also, there’s no need to tell everyone your private circumstances either.  Neighbours, friends and family can be informed when you decide it’s time.

Guanteed & Secure

Your property sale to us means a guaranteed offer and a secure sale. No stress. No hassle. No uncertainty. Once you’ve accepted our cash offer from us, your sale is guaranteed. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll receive & when, as there are no deductions or delays. We’ll keep you updated and informed throughout the entire process, helping you, the seller, stay in control of your own home property sale.

Sold as seen

When you sell directly to us, it’s now, no longer necessary to prepare or tidy up your property and garden for sale on the open market, and no need to make repairs and home improvements prior to viewings. Sell your home to us regardless of its condition, without the need for any refurbishment. And don’t worry about a ‘problem property’, we’re used to handling all kinds of difficult & unusual properties.

Be in control of your Sale

A sale with Propertybrix puts you in control, mainly because you are at all times in direct contact with the buyer of your property, which is us, absolutely no middlemen or agents. No delays, no uncertainty, no hassle. You choose a completion date that suits your timescale. 

No Obligation cash offer

You can think it over and choose not to accept our cash offer or not to proceed with the sale, it’s entirely up to you. We do not prematurely lock you in.


Unlike other companies, our service is completely flexible and your needs and wishes are always met throughout our fast house sale process. If your circumstances happen to change and you wish to delay the sale process of your home, that’s completely ok. Propertybricks will always do our best to sort things out for you.

Great customer care

We’re honest and transparent in everything we do. Selling your home can be a big step, and often stressful,  we understand this. That’s why you’ll want to speak to a transparent, fair and ethical company. We take the time to listen to your situation. That’s why we are available even after office hours and at the weekends, to give you peace of mind.

Same day money transfer into your account

We transfer your funds, (the property sale proceeds) on the same day you complete on your property sale to us.

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